Pain With Intercourse

Pain with Intercourse

Why Does it Hurt When I Have Sex?

Common causes of pain during intercourse
If intercourse is more painful than pleasurable for you, you are not alone. Many women have painful intercourse, known as dyspareunia. It can be caused because of both structural and psychological issues. You may feel pain before, during or after intercourse.
Common signs and symptoms include:Couple Laying In Bed

  • Pain only during sexual entry or only after penetration
  • Pain with all penetration, including inserting tampons
  • Feeling pain suddenly, after non-painful previous intercourse
  • Deep pain during thrusting
  • Aching, burning pain
  • Deep throbbing pain for hours after intercourse

There are many causes of painful intercourse, including not enough lubrication. This can happen due to menopause, childbirth or breastfeeding. Some medications also affect lubrication including high blood pressure medications, antihistamines, and antidepressants. Injury, irritation or inflammation can also cause pain during sex.  Vaginismus is a condition where there are involuntary muscles spasms of the vaginal walls. It usually but not always occurs with any attempt at penetration and can make it impossible to use tampons, to have a gynecologic examination, or to have intercourse.
Psychological reasons, which might lead to pain during intercourse, can be varied and complex. They include stress, a history of sexual abuse and anxiety or depression.
There are some simple techniques you can try with your partner to gain some relief of pain during intercourse. You can try:

  • Experimenting with different lubricants to find one you like
  • Taking your time, because longer foreplay can lead to increased lubrication
  • Communicating about what feels good and what you don’t like
  • Changing positions until you find one that is comfortable

The best way to find relief from painful intercourse is to find out what is causing it.  This involves a careful gynecologic examination by a skilled, experienced, and empathic gynecologist like Dr. Sharon Diamond. She can develop a customized treatment plan designed to help you with painful intercourse. Some of her recommendations might include:

  • Medications such as topical estrogen creams
  • Vaginal relaxation exercises and desensitization therapy
  • Counseling and sex therapy
  • Vaginal laser therapy to generate collagen and increase moisture and elasticity

Sex is an important part of life, and you deserve to experience pleasure instead of pain. If you are experiencing pain during intercourse seek a consultation to get some help and relief from painful intercourse.

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