Office Policies

Policies for Our Upper East Side Office

Upper East Side, NY Gynecologist Sharon B. Diamond, MD, FACOG, MSWDr. Diamond does not participate in any insurance plans but our office will provide you with a detailed, itemized bill which you can submit to your insurance provider. Our office staff has years of experience in billing and coding and works to maximize your reimbursement. We will work with your insurance provider to obtain authorization (or pre-certification) for any tests or medications that are deemed necessary. Tests performed in our office will be sent to laboratories covered by your insurance plan. 

Dr. Diamond has opted out of Medicare. This means that you will not be able to submit your bill to Medicare for reimbursement.  Some individual supplemental policies may partially cover the office fees and you can check with your company to see if this is the case for you.  Any additional testing done in the office- blood tests, urine tests that are sent out, and any tests that you are referred for, such as mammograms, sonograms, bone densities, CT-scans, MRIs, etc. are all covered as they would normally be.

Opting out of Medicare has freed Dr. Diamond from the onerous regulations and computer requirements that have become more and more numerous.  As a result she is able to spend more time talking to and getting to know her patients and attending to their needs.  

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