Get Help in Navigating Your Birth Control Options

Get Help in Navigating Your Birth Control Options

Finding the right form of birth control can involve a little trial and error. Because women's bodies and hormone levels fluctuate and change over time, a method or prescription that worked perfectly in the 20s or 30s may be less effective or ineffective in the 40s or 50s.IUD

With so many options and different methods to choose from, navigating the birth control landscape can be overwhelming. Upper East Side gynecologist Dr. Sharon Diamond offers comprehensive counseling services to help women of all ages find the most effective birth control method for their individual needs.

Birth Control Counseling on the Upper East Side

Why is contraceptive counseling necessary? When it comes to birth control, there is no "one size fits all" method. Evaluating current and future reproductive goals and biological factors can help to narrow down the options to find the method that is right for each woman.

There are several categories of female contraception:

  • Hormonal contraceptives (birth control pills, injection, vaginal ring, patch)
  • Intrauterine implant (IUD device)
  • Vaginal (diaphragm, sponge, cervical cap, condoms)
  • Emergency contraception (Plan B, morning after pill)
  • Fertility mapping/awareness
  • Permanent sterilization

Understanding the effectiveness, potential side effects, and potential long-term effects of each method are important in choosing the option that will yield the best results. Researching preferred methods and preparing questions and concerns for the counseling appointment is advisable, as well as any concerns about fertility and reproductive goals if appropriate. Working with a gynecologist and fertility specialist can help to simplify the process and ensure that women are aware of all of the available contraceptive options.

Contact a Gynecologist on the Upper East Side

The key to effective birth control is finding the method that is best for you. For more information on the various forms of birth control and to discuss your options, contact the office of Sharon B. Diamond, MD, FACOG, MSW by calling (212) 876-2200 to schedule a counseling session today.


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