FAQs About Birth Control

FAQs About Birth Control

Dr. Sharon Diamond offers birth control counseling for women at her Upper East Side Manhattan, NY gynecological practice. YoungBirth Control women often have a lot of questions when it comes to their sexual health and preventing pregnancy. Here are a few of the most common FAQs that women have about birth control.

What Are the Benefits of Birth Control and Why Is It Important?
Women often wonder about the benefits of birth control. The obvious benefit is that you get to have control over your reproductive process and you decide if and when you’re ready to have children. There are other benefits as well, including the following:

- Birth control pills can help some women have more manageable, less painful, and more regular periods. 

-Certain IUD’s can also reduce the amount and duration of menstrual flow and also decrease cramping
- Condoms, another popular contraceptive, can help you avoid or lower your risk of certain STDs.
- Becoming pregnant when she wants to helps increase the likelihood that when a woman does choose to get pregnant, she has the resources and support she needs for a healthy pregnancy.
- Some contraceptive devices are designed to prevent pregnancy for up to 12 years (however they can be removed whenever requested).

What Birth Control Methods Are Now Available?
Prior to the 20th century, women had very limited options when it came to safe birth control. Today, there are numerous birth control methods to choose from. Here are a few offered at Dr. Diamond’s Upper East Side birth control counseling office:

- Birth control pills and rings and emergency contraception (Plan B, also known as the morning after pill).
- IUDs (intrauterine devices).
- Condoms, diaphragms, and sponges.
- Contraceptive patches.
- Vaginal rings.
- Tubal ligation for patients who have decided to stop having children.

Is Any Birth Control 100 Percent Effective?
While no birth control method is 100 percent effective, many are highly reliable. Birth control pills have a 99 percent rate of success when used exactly as prescribed. The IUD also has a 99% rate of effectiveness. The patch rate is 91 percent and condoms have an 82 percent rate of reliability in preventing pregnancy (estimates by Planned Parenthood). Discuss these rates more with your gynecologist.

Ask More Questions at Your Appointment
Make time for birth control counseling with Dr. Sharon Diamond at her Upper East Side Manhattan, NY office. It’s crucial to your sexual health, overall wellness and family planning goals. Call 212-876-2200today to schedule an appointment.

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