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  • Coping with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis
    Discover some effective techniques for coping with breast cancer. Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis can unleash a storm of powerful emotions within you. Overwhelming fear, confusion, and anger all commonly arise Read more
  • Contraceptive Options You Should Know About
    There are many forms of contraception available to you and it’s important for you to be familiar with them.   If you go online you’ll soon discover a myriad of contraceptive options Read more
  • Symptoms of Menopause and Treatment Options
    Midlife brings many important changes to a woman's life, including menopause. This normally occurs on average at age 51 for women in the U.S. Your gynecologist in Upper East Side, Read more
  • What Are Your Birth Control Options?
    What your doctor in Upper East Side, NY, wants you to know about birth control counseling Birth control is a vital part of family planning and you should consider carefully which Read more
  • Treatment Options for Managing Menopausal Symptoms
    Every woman will experience menopause. The average age for women in the U.S.  51 years, though it can occur earlier or later and peri-menopause, the time leading up to the Read more
  • Understanding Abnormal Pap Smears
    Pap smears are an important part of the gynecologic examination and Dr. Sharon Diamond in the Upper East Side of New York, NY, urges her patients and all women to Read more
  • FAQs About Birth Control
    Dr. Sharon Diamond offers birth control counseling for women at her Upper East Side Manhattan, NY gynecological practice. Young women often have a lot of questions when it comes to Read more
  • The Importance of Menopause Management
    Menopause is different for every woman. Although it is a natural part of the aging process, hormonal changes in the body may lead to symptoms that vary in duration and Read more
  • How Can I Deal With Pain During Intercourse?
    Sex shouldn’t be painful. Find out what could be causing your discomfort during intercourse. If sex has turned from a fun, pleasurable experience to something uncomfortable and even painful, then it’s time Read more
  • Find The Best Contraceptive Choice For You
    Choosing the beset contraceptive method can be a little overwhelming. With so many choices available, it's not always easy to decide which birth control method will fit your lifestyle. Dr. Read more
  • What's a PAP Smear And What To Expect?
    The complexity and importance of a woman’s reproductive system make reproductive health a priority. However, understanding the different parts of a well-woman examination and knowing what to expect can make these Read more
  • FAQs about Menopause Management
    As menopause approaches, hot flashes, mood swings and weight gain may become more common. Fortunately, there are ways to decrease unpleasant symptoms. Dr. Sharon Diamond, your Upper East Side, NY Read more
  • FAQS about Pain During Intercourse
    Are you experiencing pain during intercourse? If so, then you probably have questions. While the topic may never come up at a dinner party you might be surprised to hear that Read more
  • Get Help in Navigating Your Birth Control Options
    Finding the right form of birth control can involve a little trial and error. Because women's bodies and hormone levels fluctuate and change over time, a method or prescription that Read more
  • What is a Breast Self-Exam?
    Breast self-exams are at at-home, monthly checks for breast cancer. They are performed by palpitating your breast tissue. While your yearly visit to Dr. Sharon Diamond, Upper East Side gynecologist, Read more
  • The Facts About IUDs
    When it comes to choosing the right type of birth control, women have many options. While the birth control pill is one of the most popular, it isn't right for Read more
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